"I wish I could have more time to myself" The amount of patience and time required for children with developmental disabilities can place an immense amount of pressure on parents, which can lead to feelings of depression. GET IN TOUCH "Treatment should start as soon as possible but the wait times are so long and 1 year of private treatment can cost up to $100,000" Wait times for treatment at a public hospital can exceed 2 years. SECURE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE "I never wanted to cause trouble… I just can’t control myself" Children with developmental disabilities tend to have unpredictable behavior which can lead to trouble. GIVE YOUR CHILD THE BEST

I feel like such a bad parent and that I have failed my child.

My child never listens to me and always causes trouble at home. I am so exhausted from work and then I have to come home to chaos. All the teachers say my child never pays attention in class and his grades are slipping.


I hope you’ll be able to live on your own in the future

My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 4 years old. In order to give her the care she needs, I had to quit my job and accompany her through her therapy. I’m worried that when I’m older, no one will be able to take care of her.

Kidsurance tailored to kids

Our philosophy doesn’t believe in a one-size fits all approach when it comes to insurance. We strive to meet each and every one of your family’s unique needs.

Kidsurance does not only provide unlimited claims for your children, but also a savings plan to guarantee financial security for your kid’s future.


Cover 138 different critical illnesses


Coverage up to age 100


Child Protection including mental health


100% sum assured for every major critical illness claim

Unlimited claims

Unlimited claims

Limited Offer

Apply now to enjoy up to 6 months of premium waiver!

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