A pilgrimage is a must! The 4 best-designed Starbucks stores in Asia

YAS has selected 4 of the most beautiful and Ig-able Starbucks stores in Asia, so make sure to bookmark them!

[Roadtrip tour in Taichung] Detailed strategies! Renting Vehicles + Tips + Routes recommended!

The following are tips on roadtripping in Taichung, how to rent vehicles and the routes recommended for roadtrips in Taichung.

Railway travelling routes in Taiwan | Enjoy the railway scenery at the most beautiful railway station in Taiwan

We usually choose rapid transportation means such as airplanes or high-speed railways to save time. As a matter of fact, the train...
Craft beer in Hong Kong is always ignored by drunkards. People always think that beer is limited to popular beer brands such as Heineken and San Miguel. In fact, even Hong Kong has a craft beer factory that produces in-house craft beer. Characteristic craft...

【YAS Travel Tips】4 Tips For a Safe Self-drive Trip

Public transportation is definitely not a problem for Hong Kong people, however, when travelling abroad, public transportation may not be as convenient which requires...

Best Working Holiday Cities in Australia: Beautiful Scenery and Easy Homeownership

I have told you about the best cities to live in the UK before, but this time we are going to visit a different country, Australia! The climate is hot and dry, but the pace is slower, and the prices are about the same as Hong Kong. Australia is a great choice for both living and vacation! There are not as many big cities as the UK, but it has a lot to offer too.

“Air Yoga Beginners” Beginner’s Notes on Learning Tricks to Lose Weight are the most effective.

Integrate air yoga introduction and precautions to find out how to lose weight the most effective.

Thin leg exercise – 10 minutes a day, 6 movements adhere to a month, successfully reduce the size of leg fat!

Insist on doing 10 minutes a day, 1 month to implement thin legs success!

Mobile phone photography, light and shadow, food placement should be pay attention to? 6 Tips for Food Photography (With Foodie, VSCO Coloring)

Photo editors who have photographed thousands of food photos organize the following little steps in food photography, followed by doing what everyone can do for a professional Foodie.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic coffee machine? Promote 5 home coffee machines and turn your home business into a coffee shop!

For you to integrate all the knowledge of the coffee machine, give up capsule coffee, learn to make your own coffee bar!

A list of symptoms of neo-coronary pneumonia

For you to integrate the symptoms of the new crown pneumonia (Wuhan pneumonia), teach you to distinguish the symptoms of cold, influenza and new crown pneumonia, do enough preparation!

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